Stand up to life’s thrills and spills with beautifully tough laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Care & Maintenance

Daily Cleaning Tips

Laminate is easy to care for, and regular cleaning can extend the life of its beautiful appearance, functionality, and durability by many years!

To establish a preventative care routine, you should first invest in doormats to keep dirt from being tracked onto your floors in the first place. Consider using area rugs or furniture protectors to prevent denting. You should also incorporate some daily cleaning. Sweep, dry mop, and vacuum your floors every day or at least once per week!

Dealing With Spills

To prevent stains, act quickly and wipe up wet spills immediately. Always follow your manufacturer's guidelines when it comes to cleaning implements and solutions. If dealing with a more stubborn stain, use a warm damp cloth or mop your flooring, being sure to dry your floors with a clean towel immediately after the stain has been dealt with. Again, make sure you consult your manufacturer's care guidelines. You can also follow up with a manufacturer-approved approved hard-surface floor cleaner as needed.

Red wine spill on Laminate flooring | Tom January Floors